Vabble will be a major game changer in the SVOD space.

Ever heard of “Subscription Video on demand” (SVOD) service? Netflix? Disney Plus? Amazon Prime?

What if there was another option that was building in the background since 2015 with its beta testing, receiving over 5000 registered users, 100k+ page views and hundreds of uploads? What if this option, was being built on the blockchain, creating a decentralized version of SVOD services, therefore protecting freedom of speech and counter-censorship? Imagine, an SVOD creating its very own cryptocurrency, therefore redefining the standard revenue sharing models.

Introducing Vabble ($VAB). Your very own interactive streaming experience, built on the blockchain, redefining the SVOD industry for the better.


So, for the common consumer, why would I pick Vabble over other SVOD streaming services? Apart from having an extensive library of exclusive content, downloadable features and multi-device support much like other platforms, Vabble can also act as a social media platform, with community features, live streaming, incentivized user functions, NFT’s, co-watching with integrated takeaway and a Production Launchpad. Vabble will also have a showtime aspect, hosting Showtime live streams acting like a modern day cinema.

Source: Vabble’s Litepaper —

Let’s dive into these functions a little deeper from a user’s perspective on what to expect.

Community Features: A decentralized ecosystem that will pride itself on quality exclusive content, which you may not find on other SVOD platforms due to their sensitive nature, or meeting other platforms policies. The quality of this content will come down to the community, with content voting based on their $VAB governance token, playing a major role with what will be released. This ecosystem will incorporate social media aspects that include community chat functions, which bridges the gap between a lonely experiences to in interactive, social one. Live streaming will be available in this ecosystem, with Showtime Live Streams and promotional AMA’s from directors or actors from content that is available on Vabble.

Incentivized User Functions: $VAB will be Vabble’s cryptocurrency token and users will be able to incentivize their time on Vabble. Platform users will get cash back on their monthly subscriptions based on their screen time and will also be rewarded on platform referrals. You will also be able to participate in crypto tipping, where if you liked certain content, you can reward the publisher by sending tips directly to them.

Co-Watching: Imagine a social ecosystem that incorporates private content watching with family and friends from all over the world, and being able to order the same meals at the same time with integrated takeaway functions. Vabble will be able to do exactly that, as they will incorporate integrated takeaway providers that you can order for you and your family or friends in your private viewing room.

Source: Vabble’s Litepaper —

Production Launchpad and NFT’s: Vabble’s ecosystem will incorporate a production launchpad and screening process for smaller producers who need funding, as viewers and investors can fund Vabble exclusive content that they like to watch. Rewards from investing could be via profit share, exclusive content or cast signed NFT’s. Vabble’s vision is that a lot of Vabble’s content library will be the brainchild of talented creators, controlled by Vabble users.

This ecosystem is why I’m so bullish on Vabble to succeed. The team at Vabble are very experienced and Vabble’s marketing and product has also caught the eye of Fairum Ventures, as they have recently announced their partnership with Vabble’s ecosystem. Fairum Ventures portfolio is a long list of successful blockchain projects and for a big VC company to show belief in a product like this, can only mean big things for the future of Vabble. This belief was confirmed in Vabble’s seed sale of its cryptocurrency token, which sold out in a mere 48 hours. Vabble’s private sale will open up on the 4th May and will be one that I will be watching very closely.


So what will be the next move for Vabble. Well, according to their roadmap, and after the Seed, Private and Public sales of their token, they expect Alpha testing of their platform towards the end of this year, Beta testing next year and full launch of their SVOD platform by 2024. Another reason I’m excited by this as I know we are so early on learning about this product.

Source: Vabble’s Litepaper —

Final Conclusions:

How do you feel about Vabble’s decentralized ecosystem and features?

How do you think Vabble will stack up against Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime and Hulu?

Are you bullish on the private sales coming up?

Leave a comment below!

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