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The Compelling Case Why MobiFi Should Be Listed On Blockfolio

Cryptocurrencies environmental impact has been questioned, and with so much fear, uncertainty and doubt the past few weeks, and the markets downward spiral, the underlying thesis has not changed at all.

We need better solutions with centralized mobility services and people need to be rewarded for making more efficient mass transit options to lower their carbon footprint emissions.

MobiFi (MoFi) is financial orchestrator for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). A unique solution to all defragmented mobility services around the world, combining them in an easy-to-use application that enables the consumer financial returns on their credit, all recorded on the blockchain.

Seamlessly paying for mobility services worldwide will be easy with MobiFi’s dual token system, and their unique Corda-Polkadot bridge will give them access to the cryptocurrency market.

Capital invested on these payment tokens will earn a financial return, benefiting the consumer in a safe and stable environment whilst allowing businesses a compliant, and secure way to tap into the crypto space.

Future applications include being able to monetize their mobile data anonymously, while handling compliance and data privacy regulation by traditional industry giants.

Choosing sustainable ways to travel will also be rewarded, creating a flexible, green solution that will transform and motivate the way we travel!

Revolutionary technology like MobiFi should be listed on Blockfolio! They have multiple coin requests to be listed on their platform, but we need to make more noise! EDIT: Blockfolio has Listed MobiFi! YES!

Please upvote these coin requests if you have a moment!

Are you excited about the future of MobiFi?

Will you track your MobiFi token bag on Blockfolio?

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