MobiFi — Connecting Old Mobility Systems with the New Decentralized Financial Ecosystem

When you look in your wallet and have a look at the endless supply of cards you have, I guarantee you have a pointless metro card in there that has credit on it from a destination you probably will never visit again, and that has also probably expired. (Spoiler alert! I had 4 expired smart travel cards in mine!) To put things into perspective, in 2019, the transport for London had amassed a total of 400 billion Pounds, in unclaimed credit and deposits. The worldwide value would be much higher.

Wouldn’t it be awesome, if there was a way to seamlessly pay for these services and that unused credit could have been monetized into a yield engine via integrations within the DeFi ecosystem? Imagine what that 400 billion pounds would be worth now!

Welcome to MobiFi. A unique solution to the all the defragmented mobility services around the world and combining them in an easy to use application that enables the consumer, financial returns on their credit on the blockchain. Or, as MobiFi likes to call it — A financial orchestrator for Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Sounds too good to be true right? On paper, the project looks solid but how will this actually work?

MobiFi are introducing a dual token system to seamlessly pay for mobility services worldwide, whilst benefiting your average user and businesses alike, by giving them access to the crypto market via their unique Corda-Polkadot bridge, and earning a return on capital invested on these payment tokens. This creates a stable and secure environment for commuters whilst allowing businesses a compliant, and secure way to tap into the crypto space.

Future applications for MobiFi, includes special incentives by monetizing a users mobile data and promote users into more sustainable transport decisions. This in conjunction with utilization of the blockchain, has created a green, eco friendly product.

Did I mention the partnerships that have invested in this one of a kind solution? These companies include — Aubit, API3, Cellframe, Razor Network, Union Finance, Kylin, SpiderDAO, Umbrella Network, Apron Network, Polygon (Matic), Vortex, Bonded.Finance, Gate io and R3 just to name a few. Not to mention their team are a solid as a rock! Word on the street is they have more partnerships coming, and are in talks with national public transport and airline providers.

MobiFi is a unique concept that just makes sense. I just love what they are inventing. MobiFi recognized how defragmented the user experience was, with mobility as a service, and took the opportunity to connect public and private blockchains to connect old transportation systems with the new decentralized finance ecosystem.

Think about it. A flexible, green solution connecting current mobility services and enabling users to monetize their mobile data anonymously, all while handling compliance and data privacy regulation by traditional industry giants. Brilliant. I’m in.

What do you think about MobiFi?

Are you excited to see the fully functioning app in action?

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Much Love. Meepy xx